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Discover How The Food We Eat is Killing Us and What You Can Do to Reclaim Your Health...
in Just 90 Days!

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Is this you?

  • Do you feel compelled to eat several times a day, and still need to snack between meals?
  • Are you frustrated by seeing excess body fat when you look in the mirror, which you can’t ever seem to lose whatever “diet” you try?
  • Perhaps you are already suffering from pre-diabetes, diabetes, autoimmunity, colitis, Crohn’s, IBS, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis?
  • What about tooth decay, low sex drive, poor sleep, or simply low energy levels?
  • Or maybe you see friends and family getting sick and worry about what health problems may lie in store for you?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a simple explanation to why so many of us are overweight and chronically ill these days?

Well there is!

(However, it is a well kept secret, because some powerful people have a great deal invested in keeping you fat, unhappy, and sick.)

It might surprise you to know that all these common problems are related.

In fact, there is one single common factor that’s at the root of every one of them.

It is that your body is not being properly nourished or fuelled.

It is clear that we’re in the midst of an absolutely catastrophic collapse in health. Just look around you. The US population is rocketing towards 50% obesity by 2030 (that's so overweight as to be a clinical health risk).

In addition, in many countries, half of everyone born after 1960 are now being told we should expect to get cancer in our lifetimes.

Across the board, chronic disease is accelerating out of control.

None of that should come as a surprise, as the clear evidence is all around us.

What may surprise you to learn is that this is a very recent phenomenon! In fact, this is the first time in human history when the majority of us will die from preventable chronic conditions instead of communicable diseases. (Some are even saying the situation is so bad that this generation could also be the first to fail to outlive its parents!)

Cancer, diabetes, and even heart disease (now the biggest single cause of death) were all super rare just 200 years ago.

The list below summarises all causes of death in the town of Boston, MA, in the year 1811, with just 5/942 deaths attributed to cancer (0.53%) and exactly zero deaths from heart attacks. (Even if we reassigned every case of "Sudden death (25x)" as heart disease, that would still only account for under 3% of deaths.)

So what happened in the past two centuries to cause such a dramatic shift in mortality?

Despite all the technological shifts in the past 200 years, the biggest change to affect the human condition in that period is the food we eat.

The basic truth is that, unlike the early 1800s, what we are being told to eat today, and which makes up the majority of most people’s diet, is not food at all, but artificial "food-like products".

This industrially-produced "feed" simply lacks the nutrients and the fuel your body needs, and will set you on a path to obesity and sickness.

And it isn't just those sweet treats that most people would admit are unhealthy, it includes most of the food we are told is healthy!

The current official advice on "healthy eating" is in fact mainly sponsored by the Big Food industry,  which creates these new, fake, "food-like products" out of cheap row crops that deliver minimal nutritional value.

The vast majority (70%) of what Americans eat today is hyper-processed food made up primarily of just five industrially-produced, industrially-harvested, and industrially-processed crops: wheat, corn, sugar, soy, and the so-called "vegetable oils". These are practically devoid of the nutrients your body needs and, in many ways, are downright toxic.

"How are you supposed to get 100% of the nutrition you need
from just 30% of your plate?"

The U.S. introduced its current "healthy eating" guidelines in 1980. With that in mind, it is interesting to see the growth in obesity over the past few decades.

Do you notice a drastic change around the year 1980??

Make no mistake... Following the current official guidelines is actually driving the obesity epidemic, delivering insufficient nutrition that in turn leads to chronic sickness.

What does all this mean for you and your loved ones?

Quite simply, it means that only YOU can change the situation. You cannot afford to wait for the official advice to tell you the truth about how to be healthy… it cannot, for the simple reason that the corporations run everything, and corporations cannot take steps that harm their own profits!

You are going to have to find out for yourself.

If you do what you’re told and follow the advice, you are destined to be just another statistic.

Expect declining health, high medical bills, popping more and more pharmaceuticals every day into old age, with a decreased quality and enjoyment of life.

If that isn’t the way you see your life going, there are two things you need to do:

  • First, you must re-educate yourself about food. Do not underestimate the power that a lifetime of industry-sponsored propaganda can hold over your thinking and how that directs your choices.
  • Second, you are going to need to retrain your habits, which have also taken decades to form.

That is exactly what The Big Fat Challenge will help you to achieve!

Meet Your Coaches

We are here to help you achieve the health you deserve.

Phil Escott

After decades of following vegetarian and vegan diets, in 2010 Phil was crippled with arthritis, which led him to devote years to exploring the long path back to health by eliminating lifestyle elements one by one. That experience has made Phil one of the world's leading experts in healing through diet.

Ben Hunt

Ben has always been fascinated in the question of how humans are designed to live happily and peacefully on the Earth. A homesteader, bushcraft expert, author, and speaker, Ben has spent decades exploring everything from science to religion and regenerative farming to paleoanthropology.

Through studying human evolution, paleoanthropology, nutrition, psychology, economics, and philosophy as part of the research for our two books, we discovered that there was a sudden drop in our health that happened around 10,000 years ago.

Basically, humans used to be far healthier prior to the advent of agriculture.

At the most fundamental level, the root of all our problems, everything that makes us sick and stressed, can be traced to losing touch with what it really means to be human.

On the flip side, the key to full, vibrant health is to rediscover a way of living that is more closely aligned with how humans always lived. The answers have always been there (but they have been hidden).

All humans used to enjoy natural health, because everyone discovered and shared that knowledge with each other in our tribes.Today, we are supposed to look up to men in white coats and government officials.

We have lost the natural tribal lore... or it has been taken away from us!

In writing our second book, “The Red Pill Food Revolution” we realized how the causes of our decline actually went far deeper than we had imagined!

We discovered how, for thousands of years, food has been used as a weapon by those who have the most wealth and power to keep the general population weak, sick, dependent... and easier to control!

The Degeneration of Humanity

Following the end of the last ice age around 12,000 years ago, most humans switched from being hunter-gatherers to farmers, which meant reversing our primary source of nourishment from being 90% animal-based to 90% plant-based. Fossil records show that the switch led to a degeneration in both physical stature and brain size by approximately 10%.

But that is nothing compared to the sudden, even more massive change that has occurred in the last 150 years with the advent of industrial food production.

Corporate, industrial food production prioritizes profit over nutrition and health. It gave us a plethora of novel "food-like products" reconstituted from the cheapest available ingredients.

It’s effectively no different to factory farming of animals. Our "food" helps to keep us alive, but evidently does not keep us in good health.

If that makes you angry, good! That’s something you can use to make a real difference, to fight back against a system that pretends to care about us, but in reality just treats us like livestock.

(The reality is, you are actually far more powerful than you think you are. That may be a big factor in why The Big Food Con exists… "The powers that be" don’t want you to be healthy, strong, and thinking independently. It suits their needs much better if you are weak, sick, fat, and stressed.)

You know what they want you to think and to do?

  • They want you to do what you're told and eat what you're told to eat, without thinking for yourself;
  • They want you to believe that getting cancer and diabetes is quite normal;
  • They want to normalize obesity;
  • They want you to be proud of your “dad bod” or your “curves” even if you are dangerously, clinically overweight;
  • They want you to celebrate being a weak, fat, and sick version of what you could be!
  • They want you to be stuck popping pills until the day you die, because that's also great for profits.

Now comes the important question...

Is that what you choose for yourself? Is that the life you want?

Now it’s fine if you do, but we’re here to tell you there is a far more fulfilling future out there, if you choose to step up and take it.

There is a simple solution

Simply, you need to nourish your body, and that means eating real food. But to do that, you have to find the facts and also the strength to ignore the official advice.

Let’s define “real food”. Food, in its true sense, is what nourishes and satisfies. True food is what humans have always eaten; i.e. whatever they could find in nature around them at that time of year.

Now, when you consider that 80% of the “food” on the grocery store shelves just did not exist 100 years ago, what does that tell you? We did not evolve eating that stuff, it simply is not food!

We should also pay special attention to how we fuel our bodies. Despite what you have been told, nature's ideal fuel for your body is fat you get from meat and animal products.

Now, we all know it’s common knowledge that grains and "vegetable oils" are supposed to be the healthy option, whereas saturated fat clogs your arteries and can lead to heart disease… That is well known, but it’s also completely false. Well-funded scientists (funded by the sugar and seed oil industries) have been trying to find a link since the 1950s and guess what, they never succeeded.

They haven’t been able to find a link because it doesn’t exist. The fact is, animal fat is our best and most natural source of energy.

You could look into the research of Weston A. Price in the early 20th century, who traveled the world studying the impact of the arrival of the white man's diet on various peoples, and invariably noticed the same signs of immediate physical degeneration, which he figured out were primarily caused by the lack of something crucial in the diet: the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, and K).

What has always been the best source of those essential vitamins? That's right, animal fats!

What about the so-called “heart-healthy” fats, the "vegetable oils" (which are not in any way derived from any vegetable)? Well, they are very recent inventions, originally used to lubricate machinery, and are now linked to a huge range of health issues. These industrial products have never been real human food, and should not be considered “food” today!

Also consider that none of the fats derived from plants can store the vital vat-soluble vitamins A, D, & K. (Vitamin E is available in some oils.)

See for yourself if there may possibly be any pattern between the types of fat Americans have consumed over time and the explosion in obesity!

So now you know. Honestly, all you need to do is to choose real food that's consistent with your human ancestry, which is...

  • Meat and fat from large animals (which should make up the majority of your diet);
  • plus some natural plant products, fish and shellfish, and fungi;
  • all local and in season.

Here are the most important steps you can take right now to protect your health...

  • Most crucially, eliminate all so-called "vegetable" (i.e. seed) oils (that's canola, sunflower, safflower, soy bean oil etc.) from your diet, and any products that contain them (which means the vast majority of hyper-processed grocery items).
  • Note: Oils from fruits such as extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil are okay (although they do not contain the fat-soluble vitamins).
  • Use animal fats as your primary fuel source. That means fatty meat (particularly beef, lamb, any other fatty cuts from larger animals) and oily fish.
  • Eliminate sugar, which is a highly addictive drug that delivers zero nutritional benefit.
  • Cut down (or preferably cut out completely) all wheat and grains. "Whole" grains and flours are no better than the more refined alternatives.
  • Look to reduce other carbohydrates, including root vegetables, and ideally all other foods of plant origin.

Yes, we know... that goes against everything you have been taught! We know it sounds crazy, and it will continue to seem that way until you figure out the truth for yourself and experience the difference it can make. The only way to do that is to apply the changes in your own lifestyle and see for yourself!

The Challenge!

The solution is certainly simple, but applying it successfully in your life is another matter! That's because everyone around you is very likely still under the spell that things like "five-a-day", whole grains, and "heart-healthy" seed oils are good for you.

These false beliefs permeate the whole of society. That’s why you most likely won’t hear the real facts from your family doctor or registered dietitian.

Since the 20th Century, all licensed doctors have been trained by a medical system that was effectively bought and paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation a century ago.

The wholesale buyout by the pharmaceutical cartel effectively outlawed all naturopathic practitioners in favor of the allopathic model, which treats symptoms instead of the whole individual, and knows almost nothing about preventative, holistic health... or diet! (Most MDs get only a few hours of training in nutrition, and most of that is dead wrong.)

That’s why we set up The Big Fat Challenge, to give you all the info you need and to support you to apply it in your life.

Of course you are free to take the information we have presented here and to continue to do your own research, when you will discover an overwhelming  body of evidence that a natural, species-appropriate way of eating based on meat and fat from large animals is the most health-enhancing way to support a lifetime of health.

(That research could take you years, and if you stick to it we are sure they will certainly be years well spent! But if you want to jump-start the process, the alternative is to take advantage of the decades of experience that we have already amassed and condensed into just 90 days on our challenge.)

In fact, huge numbers of doctors and researchers have already woken up to the truth about nutrition and health. But don't expect to find them promoted by any mainstream channels, which are funded by the same Big Money interests that profit from poor dietary habits, and then again from the population's sickness!

Alternatively, if you would like more guidance, we have designed the 90-day Big Fat Challenge to help people just like you to retrain your nutrition knowledge and (even more crucially) your own habits.

But Don't Believe Us!

This is crucial! We are not asking you to take our word that switching to fueling your body with fat and building it with meat will change your life!

Blindly trusting what others tell us is how we got into this mess in the first place!

No, what we're asking you to do is to find out for yourself!

This is something that you have to experience, and in our experience 90 days is the ideal timeframe to start noticing that real difference.

We are only asking you to commit ninety days of your life to your own personal experiment. Consider this...

  • In 90 days you could simply be three months older, with everything much the same as it is now, or...
  • In 90 days you could be three months older, but with more energy, a body shape that you love, plus renewed excitement and confidence about enjoying life for many, many more years to come!

The choice is yours! It's your life, nobody should tell you what to do with it. All we can do is give you a new option.

When you take The Big Fat Challenge, you will discover...

  • How to distinguish real food from fake “food-like products” that rob you of nutrition.
  • How to identify the most addictive and unhealthy foodstuffs,
  • Practical support on breaking the bad food addictions for good.
  • How to minimize hunger and the emotional rollercoaster, including “hangriness”, that’s caused by dependence on sugar and carbs.
  • What fake foods you should cut out from your diet immediately to avoid obesity and insulin resistance.
  • How to beat cravings for sugar and carbs.
  • A range of other biohacks to help restore you proper hormone clock, improve sleep, and accelerate healing.
  • What are the safest foods that put the least stress on your body.
  • The right foods to eat if you have diabetes or autoimmune issues.
  • Plus how to help reverse fatty liver.
  • How to give your body the nourishment it needs without spending any more on food than you do now.
  • Even advice on the appropriate way to exercise, whatever your stage of life.

Start today!

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How The Big Fat Challenge Works

All the help you need to refuel your way to a better life in just 90 days.

60+ Bitesize Episodes

Your first major step is to replace all the misleading dietary advice you have been given with the facts. We've broken these right down for you to make it easy.

Q&A Library

We are constantly building our library of the most frequently-asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer you need, you are invited to submit questions at any time.

Bonus Materials

In addition to the coaching materials on healthy eating, we have included a range of interviews plus many additional helpful resources ranging from exercise to EFT.

Exclusive Book Preview!

Get early access to our explosive new book "The Red Pill Food Revolution" in ebook and audiobook formats... before it goes on sale to the rest of the world!

All At Your Pace

You can work through The Big Fat Challenge entirely at your own pace. Take on the full set of challenges at once, or phase them in... it's entirely up to you.

Also Includes All These Bonuses



Groundbreaking new book: The Red Pill Food Revolution

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The highly anticipated follow-up to "The Red Pill Revolution", this book blows the lid off the whole food scam. (Read it first, this book is not yet available to the general public. Written in collaboration with Dr. Jeremy Ayres, John Gusty, and Graeme Norbury)


Arthritis: The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

(Normally $19.97)

Phil Escott's five-star-reviewed book tells the story of how he turned around crippling arthritis and took back control over his wellbeing using a range of diet, health, and emotional hacks.


How To Be Rich Today: The Art of Simple Living

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Ben's revolutionary book explores the importance of time over money and is packed with tips for gaining more freedom in your life by flipping your mindset and making simple lifestyle changes.


Expert Liberation: Build a Life Around Your Expertise

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If you dream about building your own business - from home or even from the road - giving you both income and freedom, Ben's complete course will lead you through every step of the way to financial freedom.


We've Made it
Super Easy For You!

Quite simply, we know how powerful this challenge is. This approach has already changed thousands of lives for the better, so we want everyone to be able to enjoy its benefits!

That's why we have priced the 90-day Big Fat Challenge at just $97. That gives you TWELVE months' full access (plus of course the $79.96 worth of bonuses!)

Additionally, it's important to us that everyone be able to have access to this life-saving knowledge!

So, if you are on limited means right now and $97 is not comfortably affordable, please don't hesitate to email Ben at info@thebigfatchallenge.com and request a discount code. Just let us know what you can afford without discomfort, and we'll be happy to help out.

“This the best money I have ever spent. I would say you should charge 1000 dollars!”


What's more, you're not actually risking a single penny, because we're also giving you a 30-day no-quibble 100% money-back guarantee! Whatever you could pay, if you're not entirely happy with what you get on the challenge, you can just claim your money back!

Thanks so much,
Phil & Ben

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This 90-day program is priced to be available for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know everyone will have a bunch of questions, that is totally natural, considering all the propaganda we have been taught for years. We'll answer several of the most common below, but rest assured the Challenge will help you resolve them all!

Health Questions

"Is it really healthy to eat only animal products?"

Absolutely! Humans are designed to thrive on meat and fat. That is how we evolved with big brains. Even if we came from an omnivorous ancestor, our digestive physiology is now conclusively carnivore, closer to a hyena's than a pig's or ape's. Countless individuals are doing great on a meat-only diet, and have in fact reversed an amazing range of health issues!

"But aren't fruits and vegetables necessary?"

Actually, despite what you have been taught, quite the reverse is true! Plants do not want to be eaten, so they have evolved an incredible array of chemical defences. At least 98% of all the plants on Earth are inedible to humans, or downright toxic, whereas we can eat the vast majority of animals quite safely.

"What about fiber?"

Fiber is just an indigestible, insoluble complex carbohydrate, and there is no essential carbohydrate. It has been shown to damage the gut, leading to leaky gut syndrome. It has a laxative property, possibly because it is in irritant, so it does help to move other indigestible (and unwelcome) plant materials through the gut to be eliminated. Although there is a myth that fiber prevents constipation, people tend to find that removing fiber from the diet is an even more effective solution.

"Is this OK if I'm young / old / pregnant / sick?"

We are talking about "the natural human diet", the way of eating that we evolved with, which has supported us to thrive for ever. Yes, whatever your stage of life, consuming mostly (or only!) meat and fat will help you to move towards your ideal body shape (whether that's putting on weight or losing it), and can help you overcome a huge range of issues (some of which we cannot even mention for legal reasons). You will find out a lot more on the Challenge!

"I'm not keen on the idea of eating animal products. Can you help?"

Yes, we can certainly help! Even if you have been raised believing that it is wrong to eat animals and animal products for ethical or religious reasons, there are very strong counter-arguments in favor of owning our true, natural place in the "web of life" that we address in detail on the Challenge.

How will the challenge work?

"How much material is provided?"

We provide as much as you need. You should aim to take on each weekly challenge, and we also offer a host of supporting information, which you can work through as you feel necessary. Most members find that making the switch to animal fats as fuel is so empowering and eye-opening that they want to consume ALL the information, but it's entirely down to you.

"Do I have to follow every step of the Challenge?"

Not at all. We respect the fact that every participant is a sovereign human being with total authority over your own choices, as well as complete responsibility for the outcomes. You can take on every part of The Big Fat Challenge, or dip in and out. However, as you start to see the benefits for yourself, be ready for this to become a huge part of your life... even an obsession!

"I've done diets before and failed. I'm not looking for another diet."

Let's be clear, this is not "a diet", but a lifestyle. You will not be expected to go hungry, to cut or count calories. Diets fail nine out of ten times, usually leading to a rebound and putting the body fat straight back on. Switching to your natural, ancestral, species-appropriate way of eating is not like that. It is what is right for your body and mind. It is a way of life, which you can adopt for life, or dip in and out of. We will always respect your individual sovereignty and freedom to choose. No one is here to judge or criticize you, only to offer support!

Start today!

This 90-day program is priced to be available for everyone!

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"I'm only on week 2 day 2...  What is this witchcraft?! No hunger, great night's sleep, bounced out of bed,  and I’m feeling good"


“This the best money I have ever spent. I would say you should charge 1000 dollars!”


"I'm really happy with the improvement! Just wanted to share my happiness with you all. Thank you for all the support, it is really a godsend. My mental health is way better too! I couldn’t be more grateful."


“This is so worth the money. Huge amount of resources and support. Phil and Ben have put so much effort in, plus you get the book. They are brilliant.”


"I'm pleased I took the plunge to join this challenge. I've learned so much already and we are only at the end of week 2!
It's lovely to have the daily calls, makes it feel like we are a special little family.

Thank you Ben and Phil for putting all this together"


“I’ve wanted to go carnivore for years, and finally the BFC has given me the courage to take the plunge. Ben and Phil and the whole BFC gang are so kind, funny, and knowledgable. It’s reassuring to know I’ve got a team to turn to for help should problems arise. Some health benefits are popping up already, and I’m hopeful for the future.”


"Absolutely love it! I’m not a newbie to low carb, Keto or carni but I’m loving being part of this tribe. Phil and Ben are a wealth of knowledge and I’m learning so much about nutrition and also other aspects regarding our ancestral connections. There are loads of resources for us to read, listen to and watch. The guys put a lot of time and energy into this challenge and I’m hopeful it will help and heal lots of people."


“It's not difficult to find information. It is difficult to find people who have walked the walk, and truly care, even about the smallest things. Ben and Phil have created a great tribe, where everyone can connect, whatever level they are at, share our ups and downs, and feel heard and validated. I have actually ENJOYED losing weight, and watching my diet, for the first time ever in my life. I feel so inspired, so glad I joined.”


“Thank you so much Ben Hunt & Phil Escott for organizing this so well, with so much amazing information and so many experiences for us to learn from. The daily calls are an absolute life saver for me with respect to staying motivated and on track. The ability to share with other participants is also a big bonus as it adds even more valuable insights. Brilliant!”


“Thank you Phil  and Ben (and the rest of the members) for starting the Big Fat Challenge! I really enjoy the live sessions and the interaction in the private Facebook group, there's lots of insightful comments and useful content being shared! It's the encouragement I need to keep going! ? Thanks again guys!”


“I just had to write and say how much I am thriving on this challenge! Thank you so much for all your advice, generosity of spirit and awesome info sharing. I can’t jump on the zoom often - but I listen to every single session, as it is so incredible! Phil – I am so pleased I had the session with you before starting it was helpful! I have no pain!! I can now sleep - I haven't slept well for 6 years! I can see the outline of my former figure too. Can’t thank you all enough!”


“Learning so much from this tribe!!! It’s not just about eating real food, mostly meat. We’ve discussed so many aspects of how to live in this modern world in a way that heals and optimises our health. With a strong ancestral connect, the guys put so much into this. The tribe have many different individual challenges in their lives and we all help each other through. Phil and Ben are a wealth of knowledge and the new book is amazing, thought provoking and empowering.”


"Wow, I've never seen a challenge that collates ancestral lifestyles and how it relates to our current health so well. It's great value, even at the full price it's a steal!! Thank-you both Phil and Ben for your wonderful insights."


"Exciting news! I've been on this now for 5 weeks and the full body hives I've had for 2 years are gone just in time for the summer! Now I can enjoy the sunlight and the warmth, which really decreases the anxiety and depression I have experienced in the past.. WOW! I am at a loss for words!"


It’s a stretch and a challenge mentally and physically, which I’m coming to realize is what I need to heal these damn issues that have plagued me most of my life. But there’s tremendous support and kindness available, which makes all the difference. If you’re interested in ancestral living but feeling a bit daunted, this is absolutely a fantastic option. Speaking practically: INSANE value for money. I’m an absolute skinflint and I have zero regrets.”


Start today!

This 90-day program is priced to be available for everyone!

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