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Latest Episodes


Are Blood Tests Useful? (6m)

Do we recommend getting blood labs done before/after the Big Fat Challenge?


Are Parasites a Concern on Carnivore? (3 mins)

Are we (or should we be) concerned about parasites on this way of eating?

What's wrong with..?

The Scales? (6m)

Why do we advise people taking the Challenge to ditch the scales?

What's good about..?

Carnivore for Mental Health (14m)

Properly nourishing and fuelling your body goes a long way to support mental health, but you also need to avoid damage from plants.

How it helps...

Healing (Meat Does NOT Heal, 11m)

“Meat does not heal” may be a controversial subject, but hear us out.


But Why Did My Doctor Tell Me to Eat a “Balanced Diet”? (7m)

We explore the “balanced diet” fairy story and ask, where’s the crack?


Will Carnivory Make My Cholesterol Go Up? (4m)

The correct question is, is cholesterol a problem? Here’s all you need to know about this common misconception.

What's wrong with..?

What’s Wrong With Fibre? (5m)

One of the biggest myths around diet is that fibre (fiber) is both a nutrient (it isn’t) and essential (it isn’t).