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Protocols & Guides

Dry Fasting Cheat Sheet

Here’s Heather’s two-page doc packed with the dos and don’ts for completing a dry fast (coming from a carnivore way of eating).


Do You Need to Take Supplements? (15m)

No… unless yes. In general, supplements are not necessary when you are a) eating a species-appropriate diet, and b) are not already deficient or damaged.


How Much Water Should You Drink? (6m)

A very common question, and (as usual) the general received wisdom does not reflect the biological facts.


Carnivore Conference 2019: The Talks

All the presentations from the Carnivore Conference at Finca Monasterio in 2019.

Protocols & Guides

Filonov’s Dry Fasting Book

Sergey Filonov’s book: “Dry Fasting: 20 Questions and Answers”

What's wrong with..?

Diet Myths (26m)

We look at a handful of the most prevalent (and annoying) myths persisting about diet, and explain why they’re all bullshit.

Getting Started

The 3 Rules (27m)

The same few rules come up again and again in The Big Fat Challenge coaching calls, so we decided it was time to write them down!


Are Blood Tests Useful? (6m)

Do we recommend getting blood labs done before/after the Big Fat Challenge?