The 3 Rules (27m)


The same few rules come up again and again in The Big Fat Challenge coaching calls, so we decided it was time to write them down!


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  1. FANTASTIC ! ! ! Thanks for putting into just three rules all the things I needed to hear. Very encouraging.

    1. It’s excellent to be honest with yourself and to know where you are. From there you can choose one step after another.

      However, I would suggest adjusting “bad choices” just to “choices”. Every choice we make is for apparently good reasons. We are never deliberately self-destructive. Give yourself a break, give yourself acceptance, love, and patience. Good things will come, and all the smoother when you’re kind to yourself.

  2. Great video lads,
    Funny that, Confidence was the number one thing I thought about when I first started this 4 weeks ago.

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