Carnivore Conference 2019: The Talks


All the presentations from the Carnivore Conference at Finca Monasterio in 2019.

Phil 1: The Wheel of Health

Phil 2: Resisting What Is

Dr. Paul Mabry 1: Evolution of the human diet

Dr. Paul Mabry 2: Plant anti nutrients

Graeme Norbury 1: Deuterium and Its role in cellular health

Graeme Norbury 2

Dr. Jeremy Ayres 1: How to truly heal

Dr. Jeremy Ayres 2

Dr. Zsófia Clemens 1: Case studies and success stories from Paleomedicina using PKD

Dr. Zsófia Clemens 2: Vitamins and minerals in relation to the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet

Bonus: Interview Reel


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