Discover the hidden history of how food has been used over the centuries to make humanity weak, sick, and dependent... and how to fix it!

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Now on sale for the first time, and over two years in creation, this book is essential reading for anyone concerned with the present world situation, understanding how we got into this mess, and what we can do about it!

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Chapter Overview

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The Red Pill Food Revolution traces the story of humanity's rise and fall, starting in the last ice age and the phases of degeneration following the agricultural and industrial revolutions... and shows how food has been a major factor, in fact  a weapon of control! But it is also a story of hope, because by rediscovering our proper relationship with food it is possible for us also to find who we are meant to be.

No other book has ever before revealed the whole history of how food has been weaponized against humanity.

Packed with insights from science and philosophy, with a heavy dose of common sense, the 21 chapters of this book will force you to rethink what you thought you knew about food, about healthy eating, and about why the world is as crazy as it is. While its message is certainly hard-hitting, it could be one of the most important, and inspiring, books you'll ever read!

How We Are Designed To Eat

Tells the story of how we became human, as understood by anthropologists, and the key role of food sources in our transformation to become the world's most intelligent and powerful species.

Fat For Life

Shines a new light on animal fat and shows its vital place in human evolution and our health today.

Ancestral Living

Immersing yourself in the life of a Paleolithic stone age tribe brings powerful new insights into the way that humanity thrived on Earth for the vast majority of our existence, living in harmony with our tribe and nature.

A New Climate

The path of our fate was dramatically transformed by global warming around 12,000 years ago, driving us to flip our source of food, but also our relationship with our natural home and with each other.

Killing the Earth

This chapter reveals the facts about agriculture that are hidden from most of us, how farming annual crops kills the very soil beneath our feet and has led directly to the destruction of every previous advanced civilization.

The Rise of the Psychopath

What could food have to do with the emergence of inequality and a new breed of psychopathic rulers? Turns out... everything!

The Invention of Bullshit

Discover the sophisticated methods that have allowed a privileged minority to exert control over the majority of the human race, for millennia!

Slave Food

Once you find out how food has been used to dominate the slave classes, and the powerful ways it has impacted our vitality, mental health, and even spirituality, you'll never look at the supermarket the same!

Corporate Takeover

Charts the story of how corporations came to run the world as we know it, and how the pen really did become mightier than the sword as a weapon of global domination.

Factory Feed

The industrialization of human food and how it reduced the majority of the human race to a state not much better than factory-farmed animals.

Science Fiction

We are told to "follow the science" but (at least when it comes to advice on what to eat) this advice could not be further from the truth! The 20th Century saw some of the most shocking scientific fraud ever perpetrated on humanity... and we are still suffering the consequences today!

The Food Education Industry

If you believe that dietary advice is in the best interests of our health, this chapter will come as a shock. It reveals in detail how the information that is given to us, even by our own governments and dietitians, has long been corrupted by corporate and ideological interests.

Consumption Compulsion

Find out how, several generations ago, scientists figured out how to make fake "food-like products" addicting by manipulating our natural desires, leading to a situation where most of what is eaten today should really be termed "recreational drugs".

Useless Eaters

Lifts the lid on how the psychopathic globalist leaders really view the rest of us, and how they have perverted our natural desire to live in interdependent harmony to suit their own insane objectives.

The War on Meat

You have surely noticed that there is a worldwide campaign against the consumption of meat. If you believe it is based on health science or ecology, prepare to think again! Discover what is really driving the war on meat.

The Real Atrocity

Reveals the real, profound significance of our relationship with the food we eat, even on a spiritual level. Get a unique insight into the Web of Life and how turning diet into a lifestyle choice has poisoned our view of ourselves and our place in the universe.

When Tyranny Becomes Law

The gloves really come off in this chapter as we uncover the shocking implications of the corporate globalist takeover of government, education, and science. When faced with the hard facts of how food has been weaponized against us, we truly start to appreciate the desperate predicament facing the human race. 

Revolution Part One: Mind

The story of The Red Pill Food Revolution is ultimately one of hope! This chapter shows how we can take back ownership of our health, longevity, vitality, and spirit. It all starts in the mind, with radically changing our thinking about ourselves and the world we live in.

Revolution Part Two: Health

New understanding is a double-edged sword. It can be uncomfortable, but realizing the truth of our situation also gives us the power to do something about it. Here you'll learn exactly how you can fight against the current pandemic of chronic disease, take back control of your own decisions, and your health.

Revolution Part Three: Society

If, as the book proves, we simply cannot trust the politicians or white coats, where does it leave us? In fact, facing these painful realities offers humanity a bright and hopeful future. In this final chapter, we'll set out our vision for a better world, with human beings restored to our rightful place as peaceful custodians.

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