The Red Pill Revolution (2021)

Our original Red Pill book helps to explain to make sense of why the world does not seem to be set up in our best interests.

This book may be a hard pill to swallow. But it’s a necessary conversation that must be had for anyone wishing to sanely navigate the chaotic & predatory culture we all find ourselves in.

We all know something is just not right.

We all sense the imbalance, injustice & insanity. But what can we actually do about it? Who & what can be trusted?

Most of what is discussed inside this book would never make its way into mainstream corporate media. But that’s not a problem… it’s part of the solution.

The Red Pill Revolution is a comprehensive look into modern culture and the manipulative forces that shape our lives.

Distraction, Division, Dis-Ease, Acceptance & Ancestral Re-Connection are some of the areas covered in this meme-filled journey on how to best deal with the current state of things while effectively maintaining health, balance & happiness.

Be prepared to become a very different human being.